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Like all of our personality type descriptions, this is an archetype. Depending on where you fall on each of the four scales, you might recognise yourself in more than one type - this can also change as you get older, or even depending on your mood or the situation. Also, two people with the same closest personality type can seem very different depending on things like their environment, values or interests. This description is a fun read that should encourage you to consider your skills from a new angle, and might teach you a few things about yourself - enjoy!

Your results in detail

If you've come out as an Extravert, you will probably still identify with some aspects of an Introvert's personality, and vice versa. This is true for all four of the personality scales - no one falls entirely on one side of a scale. A common analogy is that of your dominant hand: a right-handed person can still use their left hand to do things even if it feels less natural, and it is possible to train yourself to get better with your non-dominant hand. Some people write with their left hand but play tennis right-handed, and some people are fully ambidextrous. It's the same with the four personality scales: although most people have a preference for one side of each scale, everyone uses both.

Here is where you fall on each of the four scales.

Interacting with people
Extravert (E)
Introvert (I)

When their energy levels are feeling low, Extraverts get them back up by thriving off their friends and their environment, whereas Introverts need some time alone to recharge.

Interacting with the world
Sensor (S)
Intuitive (N)

Intuitives like to try new things and daydream about their future, whereas Sensors live in the present and prefer to do things they know they enjoy.

Making decisions
Feeler (F)
Thinker (T)

When making a decision, Feelers take into account their own emotions and those of other people, whereas Thinkers try to consider only objective facts.

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