Blundell's School

Independent school in South West UK

"I have personally loved using the website and I think my friends at other schools are now getting a bit annoyed with me because I can't stop talking about it!”

Sue Norman, Head of Careers


Before Unifrog

"The greatest challenge we faced before implementing Unifrog was the enormous number of questionable resources that were available to kids, and we spent a lot of time just trying to figure out which ones were worth introducing to our students. Now we know that all the information they need is available through one central site. It just saves research time, both for us and for the kids."


Student response

Students use Unifrog more than they have any other education website. Having Unifrog staff come in and launch the product really helps give students confidence in using the tool, and Unifrog’s staff are always great at relating to the kids. They just engage with the students in a very positive way.

In fact, one of the students at Blundell’s was so enthusiastic about Unifrog she sent us a letter. Here are a few excerpts:

“I would just like to say a huge thank you on behalf of year 12 at Blundell’s School for the wonderful opportunity you have given by introducing us to Unifrog. Unifrog has given us a much wider understanding of the opportunities there are in our future, and has made the process exciting and ambitious rather than scary and daunting.

As someone who has previously looked for universities by looking at each website individually, I can say that having all the resources needed in one place is very useful. Furthermore, as someone who is also interested in applying to Oxbridge, I have spent a lot of time looking at the Oxbridge tool on Unifrog and it is one of the best parts of the website in my opinion. The tool gives a clear and objective summary of each college, and provides useful details from the rent per week right down to the cost of a meal. The fact you can find out how many formal meals there are a week or whether or not there's a gym on site gives the process an added personal interest. In addition, it is easy to rank each college by a variety of different factors and I have found this very useful as now I can pick a college that's right for me.

I have personally loved using the website and I think my friends at other schools are now getting a bit annoyed with me because I can't stop talking about it!”


The Personal Statement tool

"Unifrog makes the process of students writing Personal Statements much, much easier.

One of the best things is that it gives us a ‘live’ view of how far along our students are with the drafting process, so we can focus on the students who still need help. As a manager I can immediately see who hasn’t progressed far enough, and message them.

In addition it’s very easy for multiple teachers to be involved in feeding-in to a single statement - it avoids having several versions of a student’s statement flying around at the same time, and having teachers stepping on each others’ toes!"


The relationship with Unifrog

"We love to spread the word about Unifrog, and we’ve had Tom come in to do a careers presentation for other schools. The close working relationship we’ve built with Unifrog has really improved our experience with using the tool, and we even have some students who have now gone on to do internships with Unifrog!"