The Complete Destinations Platform

Used in over 20% of UK secondary schools

What is Unifrog?

A one-stop-shop for getting in.

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Opportunity searching

Unifrog brings into one place every university course, apprenticeship, and college course in the UK, as well as other opportunities, such as School Leaver Programmes, MOOCs and every college at Oxford and Cambridge.

Making applications

The platform makes it easy for students to record what they're good at, and write their CVs and Personal Statements. Teachers can give their students feedback, and write references. Everyone knows their next task, and nothing gets lost.


Yes! But don't just take our word for it.

How does it help?

Unifrog empowers students and teachers.


Easily take into account academic performance and likelihood of success. Compare every opportunity to find the best one.


Students and teachers always know their next task, what they've already done, and what they've got left to do.


One place to track every student's progress, and feed-in to their applications – you can target help at students who need it most.

Book a FREE demonstration

We will visit you to plan how you will embed the platform throughout the academic year, and across multiple year groups. We will train you and your colleagues, and run student launches - featuring both assemblies and workshops. Book a demonstration so you can see the tool in action, and meet one of our committed team members.

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Who uses Unifrog?

Schools and colleges all over the world.

Who partners with Unifrog?

Many of the major school networks

  • ascl
  • cdi
  • iacac
  • iic
  • pixl-club
  • schools northeast
  • ssat
  • teach-first
  • whole-education
  • fobisia
  • cobis
  • bsme
  • bsme