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Student Stories: 'Why I'm glad I applied for uni!'
Student Stories: 'Why I'm glad I applied for uni!'   For students
Are you undecided about going to university? Hear from current students about what it's like to apply and go to uni, whether they're living at home or travelling somewhere else to study. Learn about Freshers' week, making friends, getting a part-time job, and why going to university could be a great option for you!
Volunteering to save the planet
Volunteering to save the planet   For students
Not only can volunteering help to save the planet by reversing the effects of global warming, but it can benefit your mental health as well as enhance your future applications! To learn more about how you and the world you live in can benefit from volunteering, sign up today and find out how you can get involved in volunteering programmes across the world from United Planet, International Volunteering HQ, and the British Heart Foundation.
Open up your career opportunities with modern foreign languages at Southampton
Open up your career opportunities with modern foreign languages at Southampton   For students
Studying languages will offer you endless opportunities and transferable skills, such as thinking outside the box and tackling challenges from different perspectives. Join academics and students from University of Southampton to explore how becoming multilingual will open your world and discover a broad range of career options no matter your level of language (A level or complete beginner).
Introducing Unifrog's Placements tool
Introducing Unifrog's Placements tool   For teachers/counselors

Part of How to  webinar series

Our Placements tool puts all things work experience in one place, providing an easy tracking process for students, employers, parents, and teachers. Whether you’re new to the Placements tool or an experienced user, this webinar will give you detailed guidance on using the tool as well as an insight into the latest round of improvements we've made to help you get the most out of it.
Personal Statements masterclass
Personal Statements masterclass   For students
With the UCAS deadline approaching next month, this masterclass will help you maximise the quality of your Personal Statement! Hear from universities about why they ask for a Personal Statement, what they like to see, and top tips on the do's and don'ts when it comes to writing your Personal Statement.
From Order to Chaos: Exploring the Beauty of Complexity Theory
From Order to Chaos: Exploring the Beauty of Complexity Theory   For students
Join the London Interdisciplinary School who will take you on a tour of complexity theory. This fascinating topic, incorporating computer science, mathematics, and physics, delves into how seemingly simple rules can give rise to unexpected and intricate behaviours. Zoom into the structure of the Mandelbrot set fractal—and ask questions about the idea of dimensionality. Get a taste of the university-level discussions central to this interdisciplinary degree.
Change lives with a career in Occupational Therapy
Change lives with a career in Occupational Therapy   For students
Join students and academics from the University of Southampton to discover how occupational therapists change patients’ lives by combining interpersonal skills and social and creative interests with skills in human anatomy, physiology, psychology, and research. As an occupational therapist, you can work with people across the life span to achieve what's important to them.
Choosing your GCSE subjects
Choosing your GCSE subjects   For students
GCSE choices can open up pathways for your next steps and your future career. If you’re not sure where to begin or just need some guidance, join this free webinar to find out how to make the right choice for you.
Pathways to careers in the performing arts
Pathways to careers in the performing arts   For students
Are you a budding actor, screenwriter, prop maker, or performing arts enthusiast? Find out about the variety of roles in the performing arts industries, from acting and performance to writing and production. Learn how training at a specialist institution can prepare you for these roles and how ‘drama school’ differs from more traditional university. With The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.
Choosing your Post-16 options
Choosing your Post-16 options   For students
Whether you’re thinking about doing A levels, BTECs, or T levels, this webinar will help you choose the right ones for you. Sign up today to find out which subjects will get you where you want to be, and ask any questions you may have about choosing your best next step.
Understanding schizophrenia: from behaviour to brain function
Understanding schizophrenia: from behaviour to brain function   For students
Schizophrenia is a mental condition that affects around 0.5% of the population but the causes are still largely unknown. In this talk, academics from University of Leicester's Psychology department will discuss the challenges of researching mental diseases in general, with a focus on schizophrenia. Sign up now to get a taster of university-level psychology and have the opportunity to ask questions before you apply.
Introducing Unifrog's new Courses tool
Introducing Unifrog's new Courses tool   For teachers/counselors

Part of How to  webinar series

For UK teachers and advisors. Explore how to use the Courses tool to broaden your students' horizons, help them choose the right destinations, make the best use of independent study time with flexible ‘on demand’ courses, and monitor student progress - all within the Unifrog platform. With engaging courses covering careers, employability, study skills, and even university-level subject tasters, get your students to challenge themselves today!
Unifrog Apprenticeship Fair 2024
Unifrog Apprenticeship Fair 2024   For students
Get involved with National Apprenticeship Week! Join our virtual fair to learn all about the world of apprenticeships. Explore the latest apprenticeship opportunities, attend live sessions with top employers including KPMG, Lloyds Banking Group and Unilever, and network one-on-one to get top tips on how to find and apply for your dream apprenticeship.