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Higher Education (HE) Partnerships Officer

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Our vision

Our team is at the heart of our business and is integral to our success. We pride ourselves on recruiting talented people who share our passion for our mission. We promise to foster a culture of openness, happiness and innovation, and we commit to helping every individual learn and grow so that they reach their full potential.

Our mission

Our mission

Our mission is to level the playing field when it comes to young people finding the best opportunities for them. It's the driving force behind everything that we do, and we want to hire people who are fired up by it.

We are working to achieve our mission by building a one-stop-shop for destinations, where young people can explore, find and apply successfully for their best next step after school, wherever it is in the world.

We put having a positive social impact before anything else.

Our team
How we work

How we work

We have a culture of innovation right across the team. Good ideas can come from anywhere, whether they are about cool new things on the platform or ways we can improve how we work.

We believe in open communication. If something needs to change, we say it right away.

Every person in Unifrog has clear responsibilities, but also every one is encouraged to take on new challenges. We will always make space for you to grow with the company, and we have a general policy of promoting from within.

Social and belonging
Learning and development

Learning and development

Professional development is at the core of our performance review process. Everyone in the company defines their own 6 month objectives; their line manager and the rest of the organisation tries to support them to reach these objectives.

Everyone in the company has an annual training budget. Each person decides how to spend their budget, supported by their line manager.

Anyone in the team can volunteer to become a 'Champion' in a specific area - they get an additional training budget, and the chance to lead training sessions for the whole team.

Where we work

Where we work

Since Unifrog started we have had a London HQ, with the majority of the team working remotely, spread around the UK and the world. We are big believers in open and regular communication, so wherever we are, we talk often.

If you're based in London: pandemic-dependent you'll work flexibly, spending at least a few days each week in our lovely office. If you're based outside London you're very welcome to work from our office when you're in town, and you'll come to our in-person Team Days 4 times per year.

"You should all be very proud to work for such a super organisation that really helps shape young people's futures and sets them up for success"

Anna Long, Head of Senior Careers, Berkhamsted School

What matters to me

Unifroggers on working at Unifrog

Inclusion and diversity

Samar Shah, Head of UK Partner Success

To me, diversity and inclusion mean being able to happily coexist in a place where there are people different to you. It also means feeling comfortable enough to be your true self, knowing you aren't being judged or ridiculed for it. I think a big part of it is also creating a sense of belonging so other people feel included and welcome.

At Unifrog, we’ve created an environment where employees are listened to and our opinions are really considered. We have a really strong sense of belonging here, making it easy to speak to others comfortably if you want to change something, and it's great to be a part of that.

Openness and transparency

Vikki Garner, Head of UK Partnerships
Vikki Garner

For me, openness and transparency means having a team of people that can communicate with one another in a clear and honest way. This is important inside the Unifrog team, but also in the way we work with our partner schools. We ask for their feedback, inform them of our plans and of the reasons behind the decisions and developments we make.

It’s vital that we do this, because being open and transparent leads to trust between every member of the team and our partner schools. It fosters an environment where we can share our ideas and thoughts, provide constructive feedback, and know that we're respected and supported every step of the way. In this way, we make better and more informed decisions about the direction of the platform and the company.

Social purpose

Freddie Knaggs, Head of HE Partnerships
Freddie Knaggs

Unifrog's mission is important to every person on the team, and it's what drives all the decisions we make. I'm really proud to be a part of a company that puts its social impact before commercial decisions.

From the very beginning the platform was built in a way that helps each student find the best path for them. Our aim is always to help each student make their own decisions, never to push them towards a particular one - so all career and education pathways on Unifrog are represented and we encourage everyone to take a look at everything. We also just added a new tool which helps students search for things like scholarships and summer schools they are eligible for, and I am excited to work on more things like this in the future!

Building a team

Daniel Keller, CEO

The biggest challenge is getting the balance of the team right - we want everyone to share a real enthusiasm for our mission as well as certain characteristics we value, but we also want to make sure that across the team we nurture a varied set of skills and a range of strengths. If you can get this right though, it's brilliant!

We have ambitious goals that we can only achieve if everyone on the team has the drive to push us onwards and upwards, so for this reason it’s really important to us that Unifrog employees are passionate about our mission. Other important traits include being proactive and innovative, with the ability to take projects forward independently when required. We’re also a particularly socially conscious group of people, and having integrity and being supportive with a community spirit is key. If someone has these characteristics and values, together with the expertise required for a specific role, they'll be a great fit!

Some of our benefits


  • Generous holiday (28 plus bank holidays)
  • Additional holiday after 4 and 7 years and optional sabbatical at 10 years
  • Flexibility to take leave for religious holidays
  • Early finish Fridays
  • Team social events through the year
  • Healthplan including prescription, dental, physio, optical
  • Health and fitness allowance
  • Home office equipment contributions
  • Cyclescheme
  • Limits on out-of-hours contact
  • Mental health support and Employee Assistance Programme
  • Weekly yoga

Your world

  • Flexible working
  • Annual company performance bonus
  • Long-term service bonuses
  • Personal annual training budget
  • Regular salary reviews
  • Transparent salary bands
  • 5% employer pension contributions
  • Travel expenses including car allowance if relevant
  • Interest free loan for travel card or season ticket
  • Payroll giving
  • 'Save the Planet' volunteering day each year
  • Carbon offset for travel


  • Enhanced maternity pay: 100% of normal pay for 12 weeks
  • Enhanced paternity pay: 100% of normal pay for 4 weeks
  • £250 antenatal classes voucher
  • Extra leave for first 12 weeks after return
  • 5 days emergency leave for children under 2
  • Payroll nursery scheme

London office

  • Tropical themed office in plush new building
  • Regular socials
  • Free breakfast
  • Free fruit and milk (dairy and non-dairy)
  • On-site bicycle storage and showers
  • Pet friendly

Some of our internal policies that we really care about

At Unifrog we believe it is crucial to have a truly diverse team. We work with thousands of schools around the world and it’s our responsibility to make sure our team is as diverse as our community of teachers and students. Wherever we fall short of this goal - and currently we have work to do - we prioritise fixing it.

Actions we are taking at the moment and on an ongoing basis include reviewing our recruitment strategies with the aim of increasing diversity, offering resources and training to help our team educate themselves and limit unconscious biases, offering work experience to students from underrepresented backgrounds, and creating relevant content for students and teachers to use on our platform.

We are also committed to making Unifrog a fully inclusive place to work. The whole team should be actively working towards recognising their own unconscious biases, and we should be filling gaps in our understanding when it comes to issues of race, class, educational background, age, gender, sexuality and disability. Continually making progress is one of our core values and so we aim to learn from our mistakes. We all have a personal responsibility to learn: ignorance isn’t an excuse for discrimination.

Here are some of the things we do to ensure that we recruit from as diverse as possible an array of candidates, and to ensure that the process is fair and inclusive:

  • We are transparent when advertising roles. We clearly display the salary and benefits that candidates can expect.
  • When scoring candidates' written answers to our application questions and tasks:
    • We do not look at candidates' names, or their personal, educational or professional background.
    • We randomise the order in which we assess each answer. For example, we might assess Candidate 1's answer to task 1, then Candidate 4's answer to task 2, then Candidate 2's answer to task 3. This means that if we get a bad impression from Candidate 1's answer to task 1, we're not carrying that judgement over to their task 2.
  • We take time to create tailored second stage tasks that accurately assess only the essential skills needed in the role.
  • We rotate the people who sit on our interview panels so that everyone on the team can be involved, and it's not always the same people who are making decisions. We're also mindful of the need for the panels to be diverse.
  • At the end of the process of recruiting for a role, we analyse applicant data to see if we're successfully attracting a diverse range of candidates. If we're not, we take actions to improve the process so more people from a greater variety of backgrounds apply for the next role that we recruit for. Things we often tweak include advertising in new ways and in new places.
  • We give detailed feedback over the phone to anyone who is successful in getting a final interview. We make sure our feedback is specific, fair and practical so that candidates can take it forward to their next interview.
  • We have a general attitude of always trying to improve how we recruit, and always being open to making changes, however big or small.

Everyone at Unifrog gets one 'save the planet' volunteering day per year to take part in sustainable action (e.g. conservation work at the London Wetland Centre).

Our office is in a sustainable building in East London (rated 'excellent' by BREEAM - a sustainable assessment method), and uses 100% renewable energy from EDF.

We have 'Sustainability Champions' in the team who are always looking for ways to make Unifrog more sustainable. For example,  we've decided to always eat team dinners at vegetarian restaurants, and we also encourage everyone in the team to use the search engine ecosia.

We try to always communicate in the most straightforward manner possible, honestly, and with respect for the other person. We do this with each other and with people outside Unifrog.

Unifrog Office

Talk to us!

We want to hire talented people who share our mission, regardless of their background.
If you have any questions at all please get in touch:

Call us on +4420 3372 5991. Email Stephen for general questions, and Samar or Farhana for anything related to diversity.

Stephen Rodwell

Head of Finance and Operations

Responsible for recruitment

Hannah White
Hannah White

International Partnerships Lead (Middle East and Africa)

UK Diversity Champion

Farhana Somani

International Area Manager - Asia

International Diversity Champion