Bocconi University

University in Italy

"When I visit a school, 90% of the time I see a bulletin board dedicated to Unifrog."

Valeria Pinti, Bocconi's Guidance and Recruitment Team

Growing your market

Bocconi is a university with a high number of international students applying from different countries. As Unifrog is an international platform, where students can research their options across the world, we wanted to be part of it!

We know that Unifrog works with over half of schools and colleges across the UK, and this is an important market for us. We receive a great number of candidates from the UK and it’s a market we want to expand. Of course, we know that Unifrog is growing its connections around the world, and we can’t wait to explore new areas with them.

What schools think

The counselors I work with are all very satisfied with Unifrog. When I visit a school, 90% of the time I see a bulletin board dedicated to Unifrog. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the Unifrog platform and often the schools provide them with dedicated sessions on how to use it.

Getting involved

I have found Unifrog’s online events on specific subjects very useful. This year, we participated in one dedicated to political science. I think it really benefits international students to hear this kind of content from different universities’ points of view. Furthermore, the possibility to connect directly with students who are a good match for us is an incredible engagement tool.

The matching campaigns are easy to use and very effective. We used them to promote our summer schools, for example, and the results were very impressive. You get data insights immediately after the campaign and you can track them through the Partner Portal.

Customer care

From the university’s point of view, it was very clear from the beginning that we would receive plenty of support from Unifrog’s customer service. At the same time, from the high school students’ point of view, the platform seems very user friendly.

From the profile updates to the matching campaign materials, I have always dealt with very friendly and supportive people at Unifrog. They also often suggest new tools that could be important for our university, but that we may not have tried yet. That makes our life a lot easier.