Bordesley Green Girls’ School

State school in West Midlands UK

"Students are more engaged with their applications, and our staff find it easier to complete references and support their students as a whole. I consider it a great investment!”

Sheida Nwaz, Deputy Head of Sixth Form


Side by side

“Before Unifrog, our students searched for university courses and apprenticeships separately. Now that we have both pathways in one place, students can easily compare the many different options available to them side by side, which has increased the variation in their Post 18 plans. Presenting a full range of options has had a positive impact on our students’ motivation – those who aren’t looking to go to university can see the other exciting opportunities available to them after school.

Another positive for student motivation is that the teacher side of Unifrog allows me and my colleagues to give students ongoing support with the progression process. We can help keep their momentum going from considering their pathways, to shortlisting opportunities, to writing their application materials.

Overall, Unifrog has made the application process much more efficient. Students are more engaged with their applications, and our staff find it easier to complete references and support their students as a whole. I consider it a great investment!”


Student launch

“We launched last year in late September. John, our Area Manager came in to introduce Unifrog to our students with an assembly, as well as running a training session for staff. September was unfortunately a little late for our early entry applicants, but the launch was successful nonetheless. Our students engaged really well with the platform, and given the time of year, particularly loved the prompts and guidance in the Personal Statement tool. Encouraging them to specifically address what makes them suitable for their chosen degree demystifies the process and helps them get started, which is often the biggest struggle.”



“We love the Competencies tool, especially, but not exclusively for our students taking a specific Level 2 childcare course we run here. These students do not have stellar grades, so it’s great that the Competencies tool encourages them to think about the skills they have gained. By working through different sections of this tool, students reflect on where they have developed skills like resilience, teamworking or analytical skills. Not only has this tool been great for writing Personal Statements, it has also been useful as a guide for students writing CVs.”


Personal Statements

“Our students really like the way the Personal Statement tool is divided into different sections, and how each section has a distinct purpose and a recommended character count. The guidance with this tool is exceptional, and the suggestions for each box provide a really encouraging start.

The staff also love this tool because they can edit and comment online and in one place, instead of using paper copies, or emailing documents backwards and forwards. The students get notified by email when they have received feedback, so they can make improvements much faster than if they had to wait for a weekly tutor meeting. This tool has really made the entire Personal Statement process much more efficient.”


Customer service

“John has been absolutely wonderful! He’s come in a couple of times, firstly to do the original launch and then again towards the end of the year to introduce Unifrog to Year 12s. He’s been very easy to contact whenever I have questions, and he always keeps us up to date with new tweaks to the platform. I really couldn’t say a bad word about him, and all my colleagues think he’s great!’