Leipzig International School

International school in Germany

"I've been really overwhelmed by the amount of customer support I've received from Unifrog from the beginning. I've got nothing but praise for Unifrog.”

Justin Sands, University Admissions and Careers Coordinator


Unifrog and International Schools

"As an international school, I would say Unifrog has benefited us because it operates on the same understanding as we do that our students will go to many different countries and study at universities around the world. So one has to become quite familiar with different higher education systems and one has to be able to show the offerings of these different education systems around the world, and this is something that Unifrog does very well."


One-Stop Shop

"I would certainly recommend Unifrog for other international schools because it is a one-stop shop. You don’t have to then visit dozens of different websites to find out degree programmes or higher education offers in other countries. It’s all there."


Saving Time With Unifrog

“I would say one of the great features of Unifrog is that it really does save time, and it saves time for everybody. It saves time for me because I'm able to check on the progress of things with students and with colleagues. It saves time for colleagues because there’s really one place that they have to go to submit the information that I need rather than 3 or 4 different places. Using Unifrog has made that much easier, it’s streamlined the process. I’m not having to run after people so much. I suppose I can use Unifrog to do the running for me.”


Customer Care

The customer care that Unifrog provides is fantastic, for the simple reason that you have one individual working with you. From the process of when we started to think about using Unifrog, when there were loads of questions that were coming from different stakeholders within the school. I could go back to that one person, ask those questions, get an answer very quickly, usually within the same day or 24 hours later. The customer care has been extended to people coming over, presenting to staff, presenting to students, offering training in how to use the programme. I’ve been really overwhelmed by the amount of customer support that I've received from Unifrog from the beginning. I’ve got nothing but praise for Unifrog.”