Oaks Park High School

State school in London

"Unifrog gives students access to up to date, comprehensive information. Everything they need to know is in one place."

Laura Richardson, Head of Year 13


Challenges before Unifrog

“It used to be very difficult for students to find out important information about universities - like how far they were from the students’ homes, and how well they ranked versus other universities for specific subjects. We had particular problems with apprenticeships - it was difficult just to find out what vacancies were available.

Unifrog gives students access to up to date, comprehensive information. Everything they need to know is in one place.

Another big challenge we had was coordinating teacher references. They were created and saved in a variety of ways, and collating Subject References into Overall References was a Herculean task!

Unifrog makes the whole references process more straightforward. Because there’s one place where every reference is written, it’s easy to stay on top of the teachers who haven’t started their references yet. The process is much more transparent which in fact makes everyone happier."



“One student in particular sticks in my mind. He really wanted to study football management, and we were having a hard time recommending him courses or universities to look at. But Unifrog’s smart university search tool led him to a course that was perfect for him. Of course he found this really motivating, and since then his grades have gone through the roof!”


Simple and sophisticated

“I think we are Unifrog’s number one fan! I love the platform so much because it is both incredibly sophisticated, and really simple to use. The platform has been such a breath of fresh air compared to other services we’ve tried out.

Even with all the new tools that they are constantly adding to the platform they manage to keep the interface simple and clear.

Unifrog has just made us so much more efficient, I’m sure that if we did not have it we would be at a massive disadvantage. We’ve really woven Unifrog into the fabric of our school.”


Customer service

“Unifrog just has excellent customer service. They have always been super responsive, and are very quick to tweak and add stuff as we require it."