Tanglin Trust School, Singapore

International school in United Kingdom

"Being an international school with many students applying to university in more than one country, Unifrog has served as an international platform where students can research their options across the world side by side."

- Joanne Kilburn, University Guidance & Careers Counsellor

How did you deal with post-school destinations and the university application process before using Unifrog?

One to one meetings, student and parent workshops, information evenings and reference writing workshops for staff all form a part of the university application process.  Before using Unifrog we used our own internal iSams school system to collect subject references written by teachers and the overall reference completed by the form tutor for UCAS applications.  Naviance was used to support all applications, particularly those to the US and Canada.   

Why did you decide to subscribe to Unifrog?

After meeting Alex and Greg at the 2017 IACAC Conference and having a 30-minute demo of Unifrog it was clear that this was a platform that met many of our needs.  With the vast majority of our students applying to the UK it was great to have a ‘one stop shop’ with everything they would need for the application process in one place.  Equally the fact that Unifrog provided information for students applying around the world was a further selling point.  However, one of the major advantages that struck me was the intuitive and user-friendly nature of the platform from both the student and teacher perspective.  It was also made very clear that we would receive plenty of support in launching the platform at school which was a big reassurance. 

What has student engagement with the Unifrog platform been like?

Student engagement has been overwhelmingly positive.  We were lucky to be able to launch the platform to our Y12 students in November while Greg was visiting which helped solve a number of initial teething problems.  Students have become increasingly confident in using Unifrog and we see many students using the platform independently, and in addition to completing directed tasks.

How have staff responded to using the platform?

We have currently only introduced Unifrog to Year 12 tutors and teachers but will be rolling it out to all senior school staff next academic year.  On the whole staff have been very positive. There is always a concern when introducing a new platform and asking staff to learn a new system, but the feedback from staff has shown that they appreciate how user-friendly Unifrog is and the fact that they can access a huge amount of information about the students all in one place. 

Has Unifrog improved your students’ Higher Education choices and applications?

Our first cohort using Unifrog will be moving into Year 13 in August 2018 but so far the signs are good.  The shortlisting tool has been particularly helpful in widening student’s perspective about where they could consider applying.

How has Unifrog benefitted your application processes?

Yes!  Unifrog has allowed us to streamline the application process and to put all the information from students and teachers in one place.  Unifrog has eased the research process for students by providing a wealth of information and gives staff the opportunity to see students post-18 plans.  Being an international school with many students applying to university in more than one country Unifrog has served as an international platform where students can research their options across the world side by side.

What has the impact been like on students’ motivation?

Unifrog has helped most students start to think more seriously about their Post-18 plans.  The ability to log on any time from any where has been a big motivator for students and we have found that many are using the platform on a very regular basis. 

How would you describe Unifrog’s customer service and their in-person support?

Excellent!  We received a large amount of support during the launch phase with our students and continue to do so.  Any questions or queries we have are answered usually within a matter of hours and everyone I have dealt with at Unifrog has been very friendly and approachable.  The Unifrog staff have also been hugely helpful with setting up our staff and student accounts.  It is also great that Unifrog have been very receptive to suggestions for the platform and have asked teachers their opinion on different tools and areas of the site.