in Switzerland

‘I have not seen a tool as comprehensive as Unifrog’

Kirk Mitchell, University and College Counselor

Managing applications

‘Working as a director of college counseling in several international schools, I’ve had the experience of using many different application management tools and we are really happy with Unifrog.

‘When I’m preparing my board reports, it is very easy to go in and pull the data about where students have applied, where they’ve matriculated, what courses they've applied for, any scholarships they’ve received, and other trends that are helpful to report to our board.

‘For our US applicants, and for applicants applying to Common App schools in non-US universities, it’s been extremely easy to manage their applications through the Common App integration with Unifrog.’

Johanna Fishbein, Director of University and College Counseling

Saving time

‘Starting the college application process, I was worried that it would be an extra weight on my schedule. But Unifrog is so straightforward, it helped me with my time management and kept me on track, and it didn’t add any extra stress to my schedule.’

Aïssatou Dieng, Grade 11 student

Quizzing for success

‘Unifrog helped me to discover who I am – mainly with the quizzes, like the Personality quiz, the Skills quiz, and the Work environments quiz. When I’m using them, they help me to understand what specifically would work best for me, what career I would flourish in, and what kind of career paths I’d find satisfying.'

Nina Mondin, Grade 12 student

‘When I used the Work environments quiz, it helped me realise which work environments I was best suited for. It also highlighted my strengths and my weaknesses, and how I’d be better suited for a job where I can have a positive impact on the world. When I interned over the summer, I was able to apply the knowledge I’d learned from Unifrog – I understood why I struggled in certain areas of my internship and where I could improve.’

Aïssatou Dieng, Grade 11 student

Getting support

‘The tech support at Unifrog has been off the charts. The changes have come regularly to the system to meet our needs, and that was one of the main selling points for this tool.’

Kirk Mitchell, University and College Counselor

‘The customer support of Unifrog is beyond amazing. We have reached out with questions and the response from the team is always incredibly supportive, quick, and really helpful.’ 

Johanna Fishbein, Director of University and College Counseling